Wedding Celebrant

“My job as your wedding celebrant is to take the stress out of your ceremony”.

Your Wedding Celebrant

Whether you are just starting to think about your wedding, or you have had specific ideas buzzing around your head for years, it can be an exciting but sometimes stressful time. My job as your wedding celebrant is to take the stress out of your ceremony. To listen carefully to what you want for your special day and to bring to fruition all the amazing ideas you have had in your hearts and minds.

You can feel confident in knowing the ceremony will be completely under control and you won’t have to worry about a thing. This means you are fully able to concentrate on just taking centre stage and enjoying yourself.

It may be that you are not sure what you want but you know you want your wedding day to be a day to remember. If you are unsure of all the details, we can explore some options together – that is the beauty of engaging a celebrant!

bride and groom on hay bail

Independent celebrants are not bound by religion, creed or any other restrictions – this means that the world is your oyster! Anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

themed wedding

Your Wedding Theme

The content is yours and yours alone – it is completely for you and your partner to decide what you’d like to do. If you want readings taken from a favourite book or film then have them. Whatever your passion or ideas these can be woven into your ceremony. If it’s a particular theme you are thinking of – from Game of Thrones to the Transformers – it’s your ceremony, your choice.

Perhaps you imagined having your ceremony in a beautiful bluebell wood or with a few friends in a beach hut or maybe in the middle of the night, under a full moon on top of a hill. There really are no limits to where you have your ceremony. There are no constraints, it’s your day the only limitation is your own imagination.

Wedding Elements

Once you have decided where you want to hold your ceremony, the fun really starts – this is where you build your wedding ceremony by adding in any number of elements which bring symbolic meaning and significance to your day. Anything from hand fasting to ring warming or how about a wine, sand or candle ceremony? These are all options you could choose and can be great for involving other guests, young and old.  If you have something else in mind entirely, we can work out the details to make your ceremony what you want it to be. Whether refined and elegant or cheeky and fun we will work together to create the perfect ceremony for you both that you and all your wedding guests will remember and talk about for years to come.


Wedding and Naming ceremonies are unique to each client and therefore the price will also reflect this – all wedding and naming ceremonies begin at £550 and may vary depending on the elements you would like to include in your bespoke celebration. Please contact me to discuss your requirements further or with any questions you might have…