Lockdown Love on Valentines Day

Roses Are Red Violets Are Blue – What Can I Do In A Pandemic With You?

So it’s February 2021 and yes we’re all in lockdown. So what does this mean for our plans for a romantic Valentines Day?

Ordinarily we might be thinking of a romantic meal out, possibly followed by a night at the theatre or a concert but all these plans have had to be pared back.

What we’re left with, is anything we can think of to do ourselves. This might be a blessing in disguise and doesn’t have to be too overwhelming either. In fact it may well turn out to be one of the more romantic Valentines you’ve ever had!

Romance In A Pandemic

You may well have to work a little harder this year with pubs and restaurants currently being off limits.

But this could be just what you need to show how much you really love your partner.

In fact you probably won’t have to think too hard – most people like having things done for them, it shows them we care.

So running a nice bubbly bath, with scented candles and soft music presented with a glass of something nice is probably going to get you a long way.


Small thoughtful things which don’t cost anything except a little consideration mean so much.


Maybe we have lost sight of the value of these small considerate acts, instead placing more value on expensive things?


But love doesn’t have to cost a fortune – spending time with your loved one, proper considered time, maybe all it takes.

A Little Thought Goes A Long Way

So much of what we have been used to doing on Valentines Day has become almost automatic.  Little thought is given over to what we’re doing. Big industries bombard us with gift ideas that our “Valentine’s will love!” We are pressured into spending huge amounts of money with usually hiked up prices, all in the name of love.  We get swept along and go with all that we are fed in terms of what our loved one’s want and need on this “special day”.

This year gives us an opportunity to do things differently.  Instead of – “Oh, it’s valentines day – so I’ll book a restaurant”.  Or, “It’s valentines day so I’ll buy some flowers”,  or even,   “It’s valentines day so I’ll get some chocolates”. This year the flowers and the chocolates are still easily acquired but the rest, my friend is up to you.

Now let’s be quite clear here, both of you are possibly going to be scratching your heads so rather than get yourself into a lather about it,  why not do it together? What could be more romantic?

Let’s Do It Together!

Couples that have shared activities increase their intimacy.  Getting together and working on a romantic meal together could be just what you both need. Sit down and decide the menu, whose cooking what and when.  If I were you I would think of something relatively easy – you don’t want to get stressed over it or spend your whole night in the kitchen.

To help you along I have resourced a few menus which are both delicious and easy to make. Here is a recipe for a boozy gnocchi that you and your love can whisk up in a flash.

If pasta is more your thing then try this fettuccini alfredo with mushrooms.  Or if you want to really spice things up a bit and add a bit of heat, how about this vegetable packed Thai Green Curry. So easy to make and ready in under half an hour!


Now you’ve sorted the main dish, so what might you eat after?  What could be more romantic than strawberries, those perfectly heart shaped fruits. So, for a sumptuous sexy pudding,  how about a strawberry moose pie. Or if you can’t pull yourself away from a chocolatey pudding then how about rustling up some double choc brownies.

Failing both of these, why not mix up the two with a really simple but equally tasty pudding,  consisting of melted chocolate with strawberries for dipping!  With all that sorted it’s time to head to the lounge with a huge plateful and cosy up together.

What to drink on Valentines

Often on valentines day the quick go to drink is bubbles. Now there are many bottles of bubbly to choose from. You only have to take a quick walk around your supermarket (and quite frankly we’re not allowed to go anywhere else!) to see the many offers up for grabs. But being as this is a special Valentines Day why not mix it up a bit and get creative with the drinks too!

Here are a number of cocktails you can mix up for your romantic night in.



If you’re ready to take it to the next level,  try mixing up a little Love Potion!


Failing that, why not make it a thing and spend your whole evening making your own cocktails!


I realise that not everyone wants or even likes alcohol so I have included here a a link to some fabulous non alcoholic cocktails that everyone will love, including the kids, because lets be honest, if you are in a family it’s highly unlikely that you’re gonna have the place to yourself!


But in the spirit of love (which is what valentines is all about) perhaps you could use this time to include all those you love and live with.


Now, if you’re not too sozzled or tired by this point, you could finish off the evening with a romantic film.

What To Watch For A Romantic Night In.

There are a host of films out there to satisfy the most romantic valentines night in. I have linked a few here but quite honestly anything from Brokeback Mountain, to Call Me By Your Name can’t fail to touch the hardest non romantic. Or how about a classic like A Star Is Born. With so many reincarnations of this film in 1937, 1954, 1976 and 2018 you have plenty of versions to choose from!  You really can’t go too far wrong with a bit of the Bard either,  with Baz Luhrmann’s adaptation of Romeo & Juliet.

However, if it’s musicals that tickle your fancy, then you could do a lot worse than go for La La Land. And if you haven’t watched Gods Own Country,  then you are missing a treat. Here the young sheep farmer has his rather mundane life turned completely upside down by the arrival of a Polish farm hand, you really need to see this! So,  snuggle up with the remainder of those cocktails and get romantic!

It’s Not Going To Be Like A Normal Valentines Day!

Whatever you end up doing on Valentines Day this year, just do it with love. Valentines Day is about love and I think for the most part we may have lost sight of this over the years and swapped it for consumerism. Saint Valentine is not only the Patron Saint of couples and marriage but also of beekeepers, epilepsy, fainting and plague.

So, maybe in these times of a Covid Pandemic it is apt to call on the Saint of plagues and love but particularly love.  I feel that love and understanding are certainly what we all need right now in shovelfuls.

So this valentines day if you do nothing else – just tell those who are dear to you that you love them.


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