5 fantastic sustainable Halloween themed ideas for your wedding!

When it comes to Autumn there is no better time than the fun and festivities of a Halloween party. Everyone can let their hair down and have some enjoyment on a chilly autumn evening. People often opt for a summer wedding thinking the weather will be better. An Autumnal wedding has just as much to READ MORE

What’s in a Kiss?

In the words of the song by Gilbert O Sullivan – “What’s in a kiss Have you ever wondered just what it is More perhaps than just a moment of bliss Tell me what’s in a kiss” Well first off, Sheril Kirshenbaum says in her book – The Science of Kissing: What Our Lips Are READ MORE

Will Weddings in 2021 Go Ahead? Covid – the Biggest Wedding Crasher!

As a result of the Covid pandemic, many people have had their weddings plans crashed, but how about weddings in 2021? With Boris’s anouncment this week and the UK going into another lockdown it seems that many more people’s wedding plans may again have to be postponed! This has been a truly distressing time for READ MORE