3 Eco Friendly Alternatives for a Greener Funeral!

How Green is your Funeral? These times of the climate emergency, mean sustainability is paramount. So, how green is your funeral? It is quite easy to think of a multitude of ways we can help limit our carbon footprint. Doing those everyday things a little greener, like recycling our waste or, taking a reusable cup … Read more

5 fantastic sustainable Halloween themed ideas for your wedding!

When it comes to Autumn there is no better time than the fun and festivities of a Halloween party. Everyone can let their hair down and have some enjoyment on a chilly autumn evening. People often opt for a summer wedding thinking the weather will be better. An Autumnal wedding has just as much to … Read more

What’s in a Kiss?

In the words of the song by Gilbert O Sullivan – “What’s in a kiss Have you ever wondered just what it is More perhaps than just a moment of bliss Tell me what’s in a kiss” Well first off, Sheril Kirshenbaum says in her book – The Science of Kissing: What Our Lips Are … Read more