About me

“I am Nancy, a wife and mother, lover of nature, theatre, walking, audio books and animals, though not necessarily in that order!”.

If I’m honest I’m a bit of a tree hugger at heart and feel a great sense of joy when I can hear the birds singing in the trees or see them perched on the fence waiting for their turn on the bird feeder…to walk through the woods when the bluebells are in bloom and smell their gentle fragrance catching on the breeze, such simple pleasures in life bring me great happiness.

What else makes me tick? It’s people…

I have been working as a dramatherapist for a number of years and this method of psychotherapy has given me some wonderful opportunities to work with many people from all walks of life.

In many ways my training as a therapist has equipped me perfectly for the job as celebrant. So many of the skills are transferable – listening carefully, reflecting back ideas and feelings, enabling thoughts and concepts to be understood and brought into reality.


“My other passion is drama and having received a number of awards for both acting and directing, I will be able to bring these skills to your ceremony or life celebration. I have a creative flare to bring to fruition your vision for your day. Whatever that might be”.

hummingbird in flight

Much of what I do as a celebrant has symbolic meaning. The name Hummingbird Celebrant was inspired by the symbolic and representative meanings of the hummingbird itself. This humble little creature – the smallest of birds – is  able to fly backwards and forwards as well as hover up and down; symbolising the ability to stay flexible, to step back, take a new perspective and observe before moving into action. Their seemingly cheerful and happy go lucky way reminds us to live in the moment and appreciate the simple things in life.

Some people believe that the hummingbird is the bringer of healing, good luck and joy whilst others maintain they are the bringers of love to any who spot them.

It has also been said that when someone has passed away, if you spot a hummingbird this is a sign that the person who has passed is doing just fine.

Did you know that the pattern their tiny wings make as they move at lightning speed is in the formation of the infinity symbol – a figure of 8. I like to think of this as symbolising the eternity of love one person has for another and the continuity of that love to infinity.

With all these amazing symbols and meanings, it had to be the essence of the hummingbird that represents what I aim for in preparing all my ceremonies. To be flexible with your ideas, to take a step back and reflect on what your vision is for your ceremony. To consider the simple things in life such as love and joy and to bring these into your celebration. Yet the little hummingbird also has extraordinary abilities that no other bird has, in that way it is unique in the same way your ceremony will be unique to you.

Hummingbirds are also symbolic of endurance and tenacity and it is with this drive and passion that I approach your ceremony in the pursuit of perfection!