5 fantastic sustainable Halloween themed ideas for your wedding!

halloween wedding

When it comes to Autumn there is no better time than the fun and festivities of a Halloween party. Everyone can let their hair down and have some enjoyment on a chilly autumn evening.

People often opt for a summer wedding thinking the weather will be better. An Autumnal wedding has just as much to offer and people come prepared for the chill so are not caught out if the weather turns.

So, below are some funky ideas to spice up your Halloween wedding, there is fun for everyone and a little bit of eccentricity thrown in!


Candle Ceremony

If there’s one element that lends itself totally to a Halloween wedding it’s a candle ceremony! This great and versatile ceremony can include several members of your family and friends or just the bride and groom depending on your wants or covid restrictions! Getting your candles from a sustainable supplier is a must of course, then the ceremony can be tailored to suit your theme.

If you want some spooky smells to adorn your venue then how about getting some from this sustainable supplier freedmstreet . These would also look great on the tables as center pieces or as favors for bridesmaids or grooms men…


Jumping the Broomstick!

Did someone say broomstick!?! Yes indeed this elemental part of a wedding ceremony could be the perfect fit for your Halloween themed ceremony. What could be more authentic than jumping the broomstick on your wedding day?

Although this custom goes back over many hundreds of years the history of its origins are somewhat disputed. Some suggest that it is a traditional West African ritual, specifically from Ghana .

According to the African American Registry  jumping over the broom symbolized the wife’s commitment or willingness to clean the courtyard of the new home she had joined. Now, whilst many newlyweds today might not want to subscribe to this sentiment other symbolic meanings also reside with this custom. For example, brooms were waved over the couples heads during the ceremony to ward off evil spirits which I don’t suppose is ever a bad thing!

However, others argue that it’s origins lie in Wales.  The Roma people’s marriages, were not recognised by the church at the time of the 16th century so the Roma would conduct ‘Besom Weddings’. The besom was the type of broom used with twigs tied around a strong pole think witches broom today! According to Celtic Culture it is believed that the besom set the boundaries between home and the wild with the floor being repeatedly swept demarcating a threshold.

More recently neo-pagan cultures are also enjoying a resurgence of this ritual. Whatever your beliefs about its origins it is something easily incorporated into your ceremony and with such great symbolic meanings and the natural nature of the besom, it is bound to be a great choice to have at your sustainable Halloween wedding.


Pumpkintastic decorations!

Who doesn’t love showing off? Well the thing I discovered is – just about everyone!

Those who know me will recognise some of the images below… So here’s the deal.

When you send out your wedding invites – just add, that you would like each couple to bring a pre carved pumpkin in the theme of love for your special day.

The guests are then free to attend your wedding ceremony unencumbered and after the ceremony, have your ushers hand each person a slip of paper to vote 1st, 2nd, 3rd and then direct them to the display of the now numbered (anonymous) pumpkins whilst they take in a glass of champers in the other hand. So, while you’re busy having some wedding pictures taken, your guests are sipping champagne whilst mingling with the other guests around the display of carved pumpkins!! The voting slips are then gathered in and totted up to reveal the winner during your wedding breakfast! What’s not to like!!!

And of course don’t forget to put the pumpkins out for the wildlife when you’re done or just put them in your compost bin to be recycled.

Fantastic Recycled Wedding Furniture

It doesn’t have to be expensive to look good! In fact there are so many options to upcycle and create the feel you want, using recycled furniture can look amazing at your wedding and with a low carbon footprint as well what’s not to like.  Many options to freecycle are available in local areas making this a completely inexpensive option and sustainable too. Take a look at this brilliant idea using upcycled furniture with branches and dried flowers for that truly autumnal feel. The red candles complete the Halloween theme.


Spooky Wedding Cake!

Of course no wedding would be complete without the cake and there is no reason why you can’t go to town on making this centre piece the most spooky and elaborate of ideas. There are many many creative and talented cake makers out there and I have included a link here to a web page with an extraordinary array of amazing wedding cake ideas. So don’t let your imagination hold you back – these cakes are astonishing examples of how you can create the perfect cake for your wedding no matter what time of year it is…of course if you want this to be a sustainable cake then go to a vegan wedding cake maker and make your Halloween wedding a Spooktacular day to remember!

So whatever you want for your sustainable Halloween themed wedding  – don’t let your imagination or ethics limit your options.

To discuss these or any other sustainable ideas please get in touch I’d love to hear from you about how you intend to make your wedding a more planet friendly day!

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